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We are your source for single property websites

Listing Nexus gives you eye catching, modern, single property websites for all of your real estate listings. Each site comes complete with search engine optimization to get your listings noticed and a sleek modern design that looks great on any size screen or device.

Your single property websites are often the first impression clients have of you and what you offer. This is why we have made it our goal to make you really stand out from the rest with a great user experience and modern designs. We aren't just another WordPress shop; our platform has been built specifically for realtors.

Take a peek at some of the key features below, check out our portfolio, and contact us for more info, or to simply say hello.

Make your listing really shine amongst the sea of other homes on the market, attracting buyers, agents, and future clients.
Grow Your Brand
Show potential clients another quality service you offer that will help them sell their home in the shortest time for the best price.
More Leads
Rather than expensive snail-mail marketing campaigns, let new clients come to you through our inbound lead generating services.
Save Time
Let us handle the hastle of hosting and managing of your website with our software that has been developed specifically for real estate.

What we got


Responsively Designed

Each website is designed to fit whatever screen they are being viewed on. So whether potential buyers are at home viewing the listing on their desktop computer, at a coffee shop on their tablet, or on their lunch break on their mobile phone, your listing will automatically adjust to the screen size and look perfect every time.

Search Engine Optimized

What's SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Effective SEO helps your listings get seen by people using search engines on the web. Each listing includes pre-built robust and intelligent SEO and also allows you to customize and add your own phrases, keywords, and Google Analytics tracking code to help get your listing found and sold.

Social Media

Let’s face it, social media seems to be where it’s at these days (whatever “it” is). That’s why we’ve made it easy for visitors to share your listing with their friends and family as well as follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Don’t waste that domain!

Just because your listing has sold, doesn’t mean the URL associated to it is worthless. Once your listing has sold, the website will update and let the visitor know that they’re a little too late for this one, but they can check out other listings you have available in the area.


Choose to add on a custom made logo for your listing to make it personalized and really stand apart. Our designers will work with you to create a unique logo for your listing to be displayed and serve as a significant value-add to your site giving it an even more luxurious look and feel.

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Inbound Lead Generation

All of our listings include links to your social media accounts, your contact information, as well as easy-to-use forms for potential clients to contact you and arrange some showings!

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What we have done


Paso Robles Demo

Paso Robles

A scrolling blog-style website

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Pismo Beach Demo

Pismo Beach

A beautiful full-page slide show meant to really show off your pictures

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Morro Rock Demo

Morro Rock

A dynamic theme to catch your visitor's attention and draw them in

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Our Pricing

Three Different Services

$145.00 /ea.
  • Up to 2,500 sq ft of coverage
  • High resolution, unbranded images
  • Available from Paso Robles to Nipomo, CA
  • Up to 25 edited images
  • See our example listings for photography examples
$85.00 /ea.
Custom Listing Logo
  • Makes your listings stand out and sell faster
  • Tailored specifically to showcase your listing
  • Designed to work well with our Single Property Websites
  • See our example listings for logo examples

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